Is a four piece band based out of Jacksonville, Florida. The band performs a variety of musical styles from Latin Music (Salsa, Merengue, Pop, Reggaetón, etc.) with the perfect touch of English songs including the Top 40 Pop hits. They bring the perfect balance of modern Latin and American music to any type of event.  Mandalla also provides special dance performances as Flamenco, Belly Dance and Samba.  The band members are musical experts with more than 40 years of combined experience in the music industry.

Henderson Olivares Boscán –  arranger, producer, sound engineer, and music instructor with plenty of experience as a performing musician for live performances as well as recording sessions. Holds a Bachelor of Music graduated from the UNICA in 2003, and Bachelor of Music Education in 2005.

Throughout his career, he has participated in many music projects with producers, artists and bands such as Don Omar, Jerry Rivera, Gente de Zona, Wisin, Agustin Espina, Leonardo Medina (Leo Medd), Yasmil Marrufo, David Bisbal, Vicente Fernandez, Ilan Chester, Oscar D’Leon, Willy Chirinos, Aterciopelados, Los Rabanes, Los Pericos, Binomio de Oro, Proyecto Uno, Guaco, Desorden Publico, Invisible Amigos Invisibles, Caramelos de Cianuro, Mermelada Bunch, Vocal Song, Spyro Gyra, Nathan East, Yellow Jackets among others.  He has also been involved in the production, recording, mixing and mastering of different short films and feature films.

Henderson currently works as an artistic image of several percussion companies, as the well recognized Tycoon Percussion and Soultone cymbals.  Starting in January 2018 will be recording with the famous producer Veit Renn, who is distinguished for producing well known artists and bands in the musical industry, as NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Jennifer Hudson and Aaron Carter among others.

Awards and Achievements

  •  Frank Music Academy of Musical Art
  • Cacique de Oro International
  • Mar de Plata International
  • El Compás de la Salsa International
  • Orquídea de Platino (Orchid Festival)
  • Mara de Oro

Liliana Sánchez –  (engineer, dancer and singer) was born in Maracaibo Edo. Zulia Venezuela. At an early age she began her musical training, receiving singing and flute lessons. At the same time, she received training in Nationalist dances for 8 years. Then in 2006 she began to study flamenco dancing for a year, then became part of the youth dance company Maracaibo (nationalist dances). At the end of 2007 she traveled to Germany to study at the Gymnasium Marienstatt School located in Hachenburg, and joined the Chorale of Marienstatt , where she had the opportunity to travel to Hungary. In that same year she participated with the choir Popteens of Hachenburg presenting different recitals in several provinces. In the year 2009 she takes salsa lessons culminating all the learning during the same year she continued her singing lessons. Then in 2010 she was admitted in the integral dance academy. In 2013 she participated in a casting, becoming part of the merengue group Las chicas del Can Venezolanas, participating in several national and international tours, as well as presentations in many important radio and television programs.  This merengue group reached the top positions in the national record thanks to all the successful musical productions. In 2016 she traveled to the United States of America, establishing her residence in Jacksonville (Florida), forming part of the JP Latin Allstars group and the Ritmo & Sabor Latin Band. She is currently part of the musical group MANDALLA, at the same time she acts as Weather Anchor in Univision 18 Jax and host her daily show for Rumba 106.9 radio station, which is part of  iHeartRadio network.  In 2021 she participated dancing in the music videos for “Tradición Urbana” with Don Omar, Jerry Rivera and Pirulo.

Rebeca Sánchez – (dancer and singer) was born in Cabimas Edo. Zulia Venezuela. She began her musical training at the early age of six when she started in musical kindergarten taking singing lessons for three years. At that time, she enters the PDVSA dances, and received training in Nationalist Dances for 7 years. In 2006 she strengthens the flamenco dance taking lessons for one year. In that same year she received music lessons at the Casa de Cultura en Ciudad. In 2007 she joined the youth dance company Maracaibo (nationalist dance) for 4 years. At the same time, in 2009, she started taking salsa lessons at the Sígueme Academy and finished her lessons at the Havana Maracaibo Academy. In 2010 she traveled to Germany where she had the opportunity to take dance lessons in Jazz Dinkelsbühl.  Then in the year 2011 she joined the Integral Dance Academy, “Secuencias El Gran Ballet’. In 2014, she continued taking singing lessons in the City of Cabimas. In that same year through a casting she became part of the group Rumba Ya. In 2015 she participated in a casting and became part of the merengue group Las chicas del Can of Venezuela. She has been part of many videos with different artists as Mermelada Bunch, Siete Bonchones and Enio.  She was also dancer and rod manager of José Ignacio, and worked as audiovisual production assistant in many projects. In 2016 she traveled to the USA, establishing her residence in Jacksonville (Florida), in where she is actively participating in several flamenco dance and singing performances. She is currently vocalist and dancer of the Mandalla group.

Rei Ortiz is a multi-award winning puertorican multi-instrumentalist, music producer and songwriter. His first steps in music began at the early age of 8 by learning to play the classical guitar from his father, and later attended the University of Puerto Rico where he formally studied music composition and arrangement. He is a two time winner in the prestigious International Songwriting Competition and many of his songs have been performed by a range of multi-platinum artists in the international landscape.

As an instrumentalist and producer, Rei has collaborated in the recordings of hundreds of songs for artists such as Don Omar, Gente de Zona, Jerry Rivera, Wisin, Jowel & Randy, Pirulo, Danny Rivera, Sergio Vargas, Trio, as well as having the opportunity to perform on stage with artists such Draco Rosa, Francisco Céspedez, Andy Montañez, Chucho Avellanet, Andrés Jiménez, among others.  One of his most recent music production collaboration  in “Don Omar Presenta Tradición Urbana 2” was broadcasted by Wapa TV and Wapa America.

Rei currently works as a music producer and engineer from his own studio located in Saint Johns, Florida.

Awards and Achievements

  • 2008 “People’s Voice” – International Songwriting Competition
  • 2010 “Paloma de la Paz” – Premios Paoli
  • 2011 “Latin Category” – International Songwriting Competition
  • 2012 “Best New Singer/Songwriter” – Premios Paoli